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Warehouse Management & Smart Logistics
Smart warehouse management and real-time localization in production and logistics.

Solution description

The system for intelligent logistics management, intralogistics and precise localization in production and storage creates a unique environment for combining with enterprise information systems and manufacturing control systems. A key aspect of an efficient production process is an effective material transfer to and from production of so-called material intralogistics. The importance of intralogistics significantly increases in multi-stage and highly variable production where it usually becomes the main factor influencing the agility of production as a whole.

A typical problem is that WMS and MES do not communicate with each other, and warehouse and production activities are controlled by an ERP production plan that can not adequately respond to the randomness of the manufacturing process. Another very common problem is the inaccuracy of the inventory caused by a human factor.

Ensuring accurate inventory in the system is always the first premise for effective intralogistics. Accurate inventory, however, means not just the correct information about quantity but also the correct information about the location of the material in the warehouse. A typical problem of managed WMS warehouses is the reliability of staff, where it is necessary to manually confirm each material transfer operation by scanning barcodes, which in addition to certain uncertainty brings increased costs to the operator. Solving the above problems is the implementation of the Track & Trace system, which by using RTLS technology to ensure a fully autonomous positioning of the material in the warehouse and production.

Effective material flows will then ensure the deployment of Smart Routing, which is able to, in real-time through the integration of WMS and MES key systems, update the production order plan according to the actual state of production and to create requirements with assigned priority for handling equipment. Intralogistic requirements are created on the fly and can take into account the current state of the production process, which in many stages of production often leads to the right decision between inefficient storage and effective shifting to the next operation. The secondary effect is statistics on the use of intralogistic resources - personnel and handling techniques.

Solution Architecture

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Higher efficiency for production and logistics by as much as 20%

  • Greater security for industrial technologies and equipment

  • Fluid warehouse and intralogistic work management

  • Reduces manual labor in logistic processes by as much as 40%

  • Greater precision of goods and cost optimization

What makes our solution different

Experience acquired during years of work in ICT enable us to provide custom-made solutions for your business. We create a unique Industry 4.0 ecosystem integrating our own software tools for production and logistics monitoring (controls) with advanced technologies for precise location of material, equipment and people movement. We also provide advanced data analytics based on artificial intelligence and our own expertise in the automation of industrial production.

  • Improved logistics as concerns time and capacity
  • Effective synchronization of dynamic logistics processes
  • Constant monitoring of packages (dispatches) improves distribution planning and delivery reliability. 
  • Transparency of costs related to logistics and financial systems
  • Real-time analysis of summary data from the supply chain 
  • Flexible solutions provide continually updated overviews of the logistics situation

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Warehouse Management System
Get fast and accurate information about your production and logistic.

Solution description

Foxconn 4Tech Warehouse Management System (WMS) focuses on planning, managing and monitoring of logistics and warehouse processes with connection to ERP systems and production. Basic system functions include process management for acceptance, warehousing intake, warehouse dispatch, preparing and dispatch of materials to/from production with emphasis on cooperation with production (team). Basic optimization in relation to production can be done already in the material preparation phase and thus simplify certain production operations or it can be eliminated completely. For example, in Pick-to-Light systems where proper product configuration is taken care of in the material preparation phase.

Another option is to integrate automated storage and production technologies into integrated workplaces such as automatic stacker and robot where the WMS system provides capacity and material management and MES control and supervision of the robot's work. The WMS Logistics and Storage Management System also includes additional Track & Trace expansion modules for logistical automation and human intervention constraints and Smart Routing for advanced management and optimization of logistics processes that can be addressed to both manufacturing and automated AGV systems.

Factory Browser - realtime logistics overview

Factory Browser - WMS management preview

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Planning logistics and warehouse processes

  • Detailed records of the material and delimitation of storage capacities

  • Open platform expandable with Track & Trace and Smart Routing modules

  • Connected communication with ERP and MES systems

  • Optimizing routes in the logistic materials and products

  • Integration with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

What makes our solution different

We are creating the Industry 4.0 world. Our experts from various industrial segments will support you in the design, development and operation of your solution or application that creates and processes valuable information from your production data. By managing production operations you significantly contribute to production and warehouse efficiency and ensure smooth processes for boosting your company's added value.

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By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.

Track & Trace
Fully automated logistics processes.

The human factor plays truly fundamental role in each area of the production process as concerns quality and efficiency. Evolution in management offers automatic confirmation that an activity has been completed using the Foxconn 4Tech Track & Trace (TaT) module. The latter, using the IoT concept, RFID and RTLS technologies, monitors, recognizes and confirms the proper completion of tasks. The top level of management then includes instructions for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that, following task assignment, operate in a fully autonomous manner.

  • System add-on focused on autonomous localization and identification
  • You can locate and identify material, various equipment such as handling technology or positions such as bin warehouses, etc.
  • Individual cases of use can optimally combine the features of RFID and RTLS technologies. The decisive factor is price versus needs.

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Greater efficiency in use of human resources, warehouse capacity and overall improvement of warehouse organization and related processes

  • Removal of flaws in the production process

  • Integration and automation of shelving systems and AGV

  • Integrated analytical tools to support decision-making

  • Support for mobile devices running on the Android platform and optimization for operations on LTE mobile networks

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Smart Routing
Advanced optimization of warehouse processes with connection to the production system.

Further optimization of storage processes in relation to production can be achieved through the Foxconn 4Tech Smart Routing (SR) task plan, which is directly linked to the current production state.

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Apps optimized for LTE traffic on Android devices

  • A realistic overview of the use of technology and personnel

  • Ability to immediately respond to events in a production or warehouse

  • Controlled material movement processes increase clarity and efficiency

Smart Routing features overview

  • Managed work orders for warehouses
  • Automatic / manual creation of work orders
  • Prioritization of tasks according to production status
  • OLE Reporting (Overall Labor Effectiveness) - Warehouseman
  • Estimation of OEE (Total Equipment Effectiveness) - Forklifts
  • Built-in warehouse management module, mat. movements and inventories
  • Material identification (RFID, barcode)

Smart Routing expands basic system configuration with a physical description and a map of warehouse capacity sites, including access points, routes and production space. The system also uses definition of personnel roles, ERP, information on deliveries and signals on the state of production orders from the production system. 

A direct output is measured information on usage of personnel, including a breakdown of detailed steps in individual tasks that can later be analyzed. 

Available extensions

  • Foxconn 4Tech Track & Trace - designed for monitoring of the forklift activity
  • Foxconn 4Tech Track & Trace - for Authentic Transaction Confirmation
  • Automated creation of work orders by linking to production terminals and planning
  • Connection to AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)
  • Maintenance Module - Integrated into the Smart Routing environment

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By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.