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About Foxconn 4Tech

We create and deliver solutions for Industry 4.0

System Integration
We help you on your journey to Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Service overview

We offer expert experience from industrial environments and our team is prepared to propose suitable solutions and their integration with current and future production processes. We will help you implement advanced technologies for autonomous data collection or automation and for integrating them into your current infrastructure and production units (wholes).

For our solutions, we typically use custom-made technologies and integration platforms, process modelling and knowledge from industrial sectors.  A combination of these elements creates a stable basis for our systems integrator service offer and our custom-designed services based on  the customer's current needs.

What makes our services different

  • Long-term experience in production industries
  • We have extensive technical competencies.
  • We have developed our own system for production and logistics management.

Are your currently sorting out a project or are you interested in more information on how to approach your production system's digital transformation effectively? Contact us. We will help design a suitable solution for you.

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