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Predictive Analytics for Industry 4.0
We deliver Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics for smart business.

Solution overview

The potential of Industry 4.0. can only be tapped using quality data analytics. This is what brings intelligence to the entire production process. When designing our solutions, we leverage top algorithms from the open source world and from Artificial intelligence research. Many of these tools were developed and implemented by top companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook. There is no reason, why your business should not benefit from them as well.

We believe that it is not data size or volume that is most important for organizations.  Instead, it's the knowledge extracted from this data. We can help you get truly important insights from your information assets: no matter their size.

Examples of predictive analytics

Our data scientists work together closely with industrial experts on development of applications that enable the realization of the Industry Revolution using IoT. Get inspired by our first scientific application adapted for Industry 4.0.

Management and prediction of energy consumption
  • Move from basic monitoring of energy (usage) to prediction, optimization and adaptive management
  • Get more out of your smart measurement devices: monitor your devices' operations without further auxiliary sensors
Anomaly detection
  • Avoid critical failures and production downtime thanks to timely warnings in the event that a device is not working properly
  • Our algorithms learn automatically from your data and alert you provided your devices slip into an anomalous state
  • Thanks to a hybrid solution, we can incorporate further parameters and fine-tune the automatic system to your environment
Predictive maintenance
  • Save maintenance costs and time thanks to smart planning and provision of relevant information
  • Optimize how you work with replacement parts: stop excessive warehouse inventory levels of replacement parts while avoiding later orders

Artificial Intelligence in industrial analytics

There is hardly a faster developing field than Artificial Intelligence. Keeping up with the latest research is a full-time job: it's our job.

  • Full-stack statistical analysis: descriptive, exploratory, inferential statistics. Generating hypotheses and their validation.
  • Ad hoc analyses, quantitative methods for finding causes
  • Machine learning: from linear methods to deep neural networks
  • Uni- and multivariate predictive models for time series
  • Unsupervised learning: discover the hidden structures in unlabeled data
  • Stacking and boosting models

Optimal solution based on customer needs

We always choose the best tool:

  • Best of open-source analytical algorithms improved and fine-tuned to your particular needs.
  • Python analyses / containers for machine learning (numpy, scipy, mat plotlib, pandas, scikit-learn, statsmodel and many more)
  • Artificial intelligence using deep neural networks: Tensorflow from Google
  • Support for enterprise Big Data applications (Hadoop ecosystem: HFDS/Hive/HBase, etc.)
  • Streaming Big Data Analytics stack: Kafka, Spark, Flink
  • R libraries for data analysis and machine learning (tidyverse, caret, predictions, time series, xts, qunatmod and many more)

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Analytics applications adapted to your business

  • Expert consultations on data analysis including machine learning applications

  • Make your IoT devices truly smart using Artificial Intelligence

  • Predict your energy, gas or water consumption (or other resources) thanks to predictive analysis

  • Avoid critical failures and production downtime

  • Reduce operating and investment costs

  • From small to big data: size doesn't matter, but the insight that you extract from data does.

What makes our solution different

We are bringing together the worlds of industry and analytics. We combine expertise from many industrial sectors and our analytics skills to create cutting edge analytics applications tailored to you need. We are not doing scientific research, rather we are solving real world problems.  Real world data is often chaotic, flawed or incomplete. However, with an integrated approach and by selecting the optimal technologies we can help you to finally get deep insights into your business.

  • Data cleaning, assessment and formatting: Data conversion to the right shape
  • Robust models: We can work with incomplete data, non-standard data, and formatting errors
  • Access to predictions and results through a responsive, interactive Business Intelligence manager application

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Data Analytics Discovery Suite
Boost the value of your business with the Data Analytics Discovery Suite developed by our team of data analysts.

Our package of analytical and consultancy services will help you, in a very short period of time, discover what efficient work with large volumes of data and exponentially growing data can do for you. Advanced data analytics using neuron networks opens opportunities to boost the value of your business, to access important information for effective decision-making, and to support your business' future development regardless of your industry.

Do you solve the current project to consolidate your business data or make better use of it? Are you interested in more information on how to effectively transform your production into digital? Feel free contact us to help you find the right solution.

What you get from us

  • Clear analysis and feasibility studies
  • Audit and recommendations on tools usage for data analytics
  • Procedures and principles when analyzing company data

Benefits and advantages

  • Fast service availability

  • Clear, low price

  • Simple implementation

  • Identification of projects with the greatest ROI

  • Identification of the business' most valuable data resources

Let us know what you are interested in

By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.
By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.