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Planning and production system
Increase the efficiency through digital transformation and effective management.

System description

The Foxconn 4Tech Production Planning and Production Management System allows industrial companies to closely monitor and manage production including material supply. Production tracking can be both material and after-sales, and ranges from a production order or manufactured product to continuous and final production costs. The system is a self-developed Manufacturing Execution System (MES) along with factory planning and Factory Browser mobile solutions and other applications for clear monitoring of production supply and production process control.

Manufacturing Execution System

Foxconn 4Tech MES enables you to optimize your production activities from entering inputs and scheduling resources for production, control, tracking, and detailed inventory tracking based on production orders and schedules. During all processes, a record of the production process of the final product is made. The native product sheet includes a detailed structure of the manufacturing operations performed and inventory of the source material.

The Foxconn 4Tech MES system contains standardized features that can be combined in a detailed definition of the manufacturing process. The definition of the manufacturing process may include both the operation of the equipment and / or machinery and the human being. Standard features can be customized. Foxconn 4Tech MES is a modular system open to communication with third party systems, both for communication with information systems (typically inputs and outputs of ERP, PLM, EDI systems), for communication with machines or other devices (eg sensors, switches) and built-in support for the Foxconn 4Tech MES industrial IoT platform, which introduces new ways of distributed communication and control that replace traditional industry automation.

Exceptional adaptability to customer processes and maximum integration into surrounding systems creates not only a solid foundation for production management and supervision at all levels, but thanks to built-in support for industrial IoT and advanced data analysis tools as well as decision support platforms.

System Architecture

Mobile Factory Browser

The Foxconn 4Tech Mobile Factory Browser is part of the production control system. The basis of the production control and planning system is the precise definition of rules and procedures for the area that guarantee correct timing and compliance with the prescribed process, thereby maximizing the quality and efficiency of production as a whole with a direct positive impact on the resulting product. Factory Browser brings a look at the detailed real world of production and warehouse resources, human resources, products, and orders.

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Advanced architecture for maximum scalability

  • All systems as part of one whole (unit) without losing flexibility

  • Usage of augmented reality concept for visualization of warehouse and production operations

  • Integration with Foxconn 4Tech Industrial IoT platform

  • Digitalization from ERP to automation including supply chain, production and expedition intralogistics

  • Improved quality of products thanks to better management and transparency of processes

  • Boost efficiency by increasing usage of resources and production and related processes for the entire organization

  • Fast process reconfiguration for extremely flexible production

What makes our solution different

We are creating the world of Industry 4.0. Our experts from various industry sectors will support your with the design, development and operations of your solutions and applications. The latter will create and process valuable information form your company's own production data. By managing production operations, you will significantly contribute to production and warehouse efficiency and ensure smooth-running processes for boosting your company's added value. The solution from Foxconn 4Tech allows for extremely flexible production with high degree of variability in its course and fast response to changes in the requirements for the final product.

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By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.

Smart Routing
Advanced optimization of warehouse processes with connection to the production system.

Further optimization of warehouse processes as they relate to production can be achieved using task planning in the Foxconn 4Tech Smart Routing (SR) module, which is connected directly to the current production status.

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Apps optimized for LTE traffic on Android devices

  • A realistic overview of the use of technology and personnel

  • Ability to immediately respond to events in a production or warehouse

  • Controlled material movement processes increase clarity and efficiency

Smart Routing features overview

  • Managed work orders for warehouses
  • Automatic / manual creation of work orders
  • Prioritization of tasks according to production status
  • OLE Reporting (Overall Labor Effectiveness) - Warehouseman
  • Estimation of OEE (Total Equipment Effectiveness) - Forklifts
  • Built-in warehouse management module, mat. movements and inventories
  • Material identification (RFID, barcode)

Smart Routing expands basic system configuration with a physical description and a map of warehouse capacity sites, including access points, routes and production space. The system also uses definition of personnel roles, ERP, information on deliveries and signals on the state of production orders from the production system.

A direct output is measured information on usage of personnel, including a breakdown of detailed steps in individual tasks that can later be analyzed.

Available extensions

  • Foxconn 4Tech Track & Trace - designed for monitoring of the forklift activity
  • Foxconn 4Tech Track & Trace - for Authentic Transaction Confirmation
  • Automated creation of work orders by linking to production terminals and planning
  • Connection to AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)
  • Maintenance Module - Integrated into the Smart Routing environment

Let us know what you are interested in

By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.
By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.