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Solution overview

Production automation with options for individual adaptation to customer requirements places heavy emphasis on the flexibility of technologies and systems. Foxconn 4Tech designs and creates advanced systems in the fields of mechatronics and electronics for industry. From analytics, design to systems integration and training.

If you are seriously considering mass production with options for adaptation to customer requirements, you understand the challenge represented by finding the proper solution at the right price. We will help you with automation that will provide you precisely the advantages you seek; along with very sensible ROI.

Electro Engineering

Energy for movement does not just mean selection and connection of electronic components. It also includes the proper function(ing) of hydraulic systems and security solutions. Our electro technicians work closely with our constructors and technical experts on automation throughout the entire process. Expert knowledge, options for creating prototypes, simulations and testing can be offered by mechatronics in the same scope. We use first-class software such as EPLAN® when designing our electrical circuits.

Example of Electric Cabinet Design

Mechatronics in mechanical engineering

Functional mechanical design is the foundation of every technology, especially in automation. For this reason, we focus on every application as if it were a brand new product with special customer needs. Based on our experience with Foxconn's internal applications. Our technical specialists use a variety of tools and software products, such as SolidWorks® for design and simulation analysis, as well as fast prototype technology that includes 3D printing, validation and testing.

  • We provide the most secure solutions that are even more secure than requirements outlined in security standards defined in current, applicable laws
  • We leverage Foxconn's long-term experience designing electronics and carrying out electrical tests.
  • We offer best-in-class visualization for easy resolution of problems
  • Own laboratory for verifying (testing) designs and creating prototypes (electrical and hydraulic technologies)

                         Modular Adaptive Manufacturing System with Automated Storage

Design and production of the Automated Label Disposer

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Flexible and easily adaptable automation for work in changing environments

  • Machines that adapt to transitory outputs and communicate with processes and products

  • Open system architecture for MES, IIoT, Scada software or maintenance monitoring in real-time

  • Automation with easy removal of problems and simple configuration thanks to an intuitive environment

  • Process transformation and digitalization and BI applications enabling achievement of business goals

  • Advanced automation moves your resources to roles with greater added value

What makes our solution different

Connecting several technological disciplines allows us to create adaptable and autonomous automated solutions that leverage machine vision, adaptive instrument equipment and haptic scans for robots and applications. Thanks to our unique experience, we can provide comprehensive services: from simple test devices to advanced systems designed for assessment of complicated signals and images for custom automation of assembly, set-up, packaging and crating (loading), quality management and testing automation.

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