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Industrial IoT Platform
Connect your machines, sensors, products and employees to the Internet for data collection, analysis and optimization of production processes.

Foxconn 4Tech offers its own open, secure and extensible Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. The solution is used to collect, communicate, store, analyze and visualize data in industrial environments to ensure interoperability and immediate availability of data in heterogeneous manufacturing systems.

Our open industrial IoT platform connects the physical and digital world. With our platform, sensors, machines and entire production lines, including older technologies, can be easily integrated into one ecosystem. Using the efficiently collected, analyzed and predicted data, you will get the ideal tool for proper decision-making and management.

Industrial IoT platform architecture

HW IoT gateways

We offer our own IoT device in the form of a cheap microcomputer that serves as a gateway between a classical industrial bus (RS-232, RS-485, 1-wire, CAN, IO-link, analogue / digital IO) and the Internet. In addition to classic LAN, we support wireless communication protocols for IoT, especially LoRaWAN, Nb-IoT and 4G / LTE, and MQTT and RESTful protocols.

SW IoT gateways

We offer a wide range of software interfaces for connecting existing enterprise information systems (MES, ERP), database systems (SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop) and standard PLCs (EtherCAT, Ethernet / IP, Modbus, ProfibusIO, OPC, OPC UA, …).

Mobile device

As a source of valuable data, various wearable electronics, such as wristbands, smart watches or mobile phones, are also available to provide feedback to the worker. In addition, precision collision technologies, such as RTLS, which allow the movement of people and techniques to be accurate to tens of centimeters, also come into the forefront.

Open Platform for Industrial Internet Things

The platform itself is software that runs in part on IoT devices and partly in the cloud and primarily provides data collection and messaging. The platform includes the following components:

  • Data encryption - Identify the data producer and encrypt messages from IoT devices to cloud
  • Scalable Message Broker - Distribution of messages between producers and data consumers
  • Authentication and Authorization - Authentication and management of access rights for IoT devices, users and software components
  • Message routing - securing the required data flow according to defined rules
  • API - Two-way communication and data exchange with external components via MQTT and RESTful

IIoT Platform manager

Part of the IIoT platform is an administrator in the form of a web and mobile application that offers this functionality:

  • Managing IoT Devices - Monitoring Status, Displaying Current and Historical Data, Uploading a New Firmware Version, and more
  • Identity management - Managing IoT devices, users and software components and their access rights to data
  • Data security

Data analysis / AI

This module includes both classical statistical methods and advanced machine learning algorithms for data analysis to extract valuable information. The Data Analysis Module works natively over the large data repository in the Hadoop environment or alternatively with the classic SQL database.

Business software

Foxconn 4Tech offers its own enterprise software that is integrated with the IIoT platform. This software includes MES, WMS and Track and Trace.

Augmented reality

We offer our own mobile app for an Android phone or tablet that displays data directly in the production environment using the Enhanced Reality principle. Simply stick the QR code tag on the monitored machine or production line connected to the IoT. The mobile device recognizes the label and displays current data such as the status of the current order (number of processed pieces, start and end times), machine wear status, etc.

Edge data historian

This component assures the storage of sensor values ​​directly on IoT devices, close to the data source, where simple data analysis can then be performed (eg advanced process control). The component can also serve as a data cache before sending it to the cloud (for example, in the event of an Internet outage).

Industrial IoT Gateways

We offer our own affordable IoT gateway to connect older technologies.

Industrial IoT Platform

Secured collection, storage, and visualization of data as a service or on-premise.

Predictive analytics and optimization

Predictive status forecasting and advanced process control fully integrated in IoT.

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Managing IoT devices, users, access rights, rules, and more

  • Linking existing classical industrial technologies to the Internet

  • Advanced Disk Management and Continuous Process Control

  • Communication between machine and machine

  • Preprocessing and analysis of data at sources (edge analysis)

  • Real-time and historical data visualization on the web or mobile phones

  • Data collection from machines, equipment, products and operators

What makes our solution different

Compared to competitors products, we offer a complete and affordable solution that offers these advanced features:

  • Support for the connection of various existing industrial communication buses and protocols (eg RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, OPC, EtherCAT, Ethernet / IP, etc.)
  • Data analysis near their source (on edge)
  • Advanced discrete and continuous process control on edge
  • Encrypted communications from data source to cloud
  • Data storage in Big Data (Hadoop + OpenTSDB)
  • Advanced data visualization in a BI environment embedded in the platform manager
  • Cloud version (SaaS) or on-premise installation at the customer
  • Openness and Scalability - Data available via MQTT and RESTful

Set up your own suitable IIoT solution

IIoT devices – small, cost-affordable microcomputers for connecting existing devices to the internet. They serve as a gateway between industrial collection sites (i.e. RS-232, RS-485, 1-wire, CAN, IO-link) and the world of IoT.
Foxconn 4Tech IIoT device offer:
  • Gossamer IoT node – gateway between RS-485/Modbus and MQTT over LoRaWAN or LAN
  • Gossamer IoT hub – transmitter for private LoRaWAN 

Foxconn 4Tech IIoT offer:

     Gossamer IoT node - Gateway between RS-485 / Modbus and MQTT over LoRaWAN or LAN
     Gossamer IoT hub - LoRaWAN private network transmitter

IIoT Applications

Data collection and advanced data analysis for a whole range of applications, such as:

Save Resources

  • IoT Energy Monitoring & Management
  • IoT Advanced Process Control

Improving Quality

  • Identification of missing/failed components
  • Cosmetic defects

Reducing Downtime

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive maintenance

Shortening Manufacturing Lifecycle

  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Optimization

The Reference

The solution for measuring and optimizing energy consumption was deployed at Foxconn CZ in Pardubice. At the manufacturing plant specializing in the production of metal and plastic parts, 60 different machines are connected, such as presses, laser cutters and bending machines. Since September 2017, when the solution was first implemented, more than 1.5 billion measurements have been collected, and advanced predictive data analysis has resulted in 12% savings in power consumption.

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