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Industrial Business Intelligence
Smarter, self-service capabilities for Industry 4.0.

Solution overview

Business Intelligence is widely-used in many sectors, but it remains undervalued in industry.  It's time to use fully the value of the data you have at your disposal and put strong analytical tools in your employees' hands. We know very well that your business needs many skills and much experience. So why do we think that creating a quality Business Intelligence app doesn't? We want to help manufacturing companies get the right overview of their data into the hands of the right people.

Thanks to the help of our experts on analytics, you will be able to gain unique added value that self-service analytical tools currently offer. We are all happy when we save time and money thanks to self-service gas pumps, but don't you also want to simplify your business with self-BI?

More than classic BI: predictive analysis and machine learning

Make use of our advanced solution that puts in your hands a strong tool for predictive analysis with new algorithms for machine learning and advanced statistical methods. We help integrate these top methods into your operational enviroment. Thus, you gain the smartest solution for data analysis with a very efficient interface for Business Intelligence. Our products for BI can be fully integrated with our data processing solutions.

  • Prediction of timelines: from sensors, machines and devices
  • Production data, materials and financial flows to energy consumption, etc.
  • Machine learning: classification and predictions, detecting anomalies and group interests

Technical specifications

We develop applications using Qlik®, a leading tool for Business Intelligence. We adapt to the best industrial procedures and also great functionality and user-friendliness.

With our solution for data analysis using R, Python and top technologies for Big Data (Kafka, Spark/Flink), we expand the classic BI environment. Our data visualisations make use of in-memory computations to give you a very fast and smooth user experience with a high degree of interactivity. All solutions enable touch control and are adapted to responsive design so they can be viewed on any mobile device or in any web environment without the need for programmer intervention. Don't use Qlik®? No problem. Let us help you develop dashboards in Tableau or Microsoft BI.

Management dashboards in Qlik application

Selected features and customer benefits

  • We can help you get useful insights from your data

  • Customer-oriented Business Intelligence solution

  • Self-service dashboard options

  • Up to 25× faster Business Intelligence report creation

  • Monitor your assets anytime and anywhere

  • From smartphones to large screens: no matter what device you are using, our dashboards looks always great

  • Save time and money

Data is about being connected

  • Connection to any big data: on the customer end or in the cloud
  • No data migration is necessary
  • Support for all standard company databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP 6.x, IBM DB2, Sybase and more); Read/write files XLS, CVS
  • Connection to web apps via REST API
  • Connection to your Big Data / Data Lake platform
  • Expandable using adapted JavaScript plug-ins and tools for data analysis (R, Python, etc.)

What makes our solution different

We join the worlds of industry and analysis.  We bring together experts with many years of experience from many varied sectors with our analysts, so that we can create analytics applications that are custom-made to meet your needs and which join deep knowledge of your business sector with top-level analysis.

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By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.

BI Discovery Suite
Increase the value of your business with Industrial Business Intelligence.

Our suite wil help you determine, within 5 days, what more efficient work with large volumes of existing data and exponentially growing data can do for you. Increase the value of your business, gain access to important information that you may not have previously had, and use it for effective decision-making.

The majority of industrial firms collect data but they never effectively use it for decision-making. They use multiple data sources without their integration. They address critical processes without sufficient documents. They don't have sufficient resources and time for data analysis and interpretation. They do not have proper tools for cost optimization or boosting production or service quality. They consider implementation of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, but do not have any strategy in these areas.

Selected customer benefits

  • Fast availability of services

  • A low, transparent price

  • Simple implementation

  • 20+ years of experience with data analysis in industry and ICT.

Let us know what you are interested in

By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.
By subscribing you agree to our handling of your personal data.