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Energy Monitoring and Management
Get an overview of your energy consumption in your business and achieve savings by prediction and management.

Solution overview

Foxconn 4Tech offers advanced solutions for energy measurement, optimization and management based on analysis and prediction of consumption in production or in commercial buildings using its own IoT devices, IoT industrial platform and predictive data analysis. We will help you get a  detailed view of your energy consumption not only at the production hall or building level but also at the level of the line, room, machine, appliance and even individual product. Within one system, you will get an overview of electricity, water and gas consumption, as well as other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and more.

We offer the ability to link consumption data with order data from MES or ERP manufacturing systems to offer the option of distributing energy to a  production batch or a single piece of product. Using advanced data analysis, we find places of inefficient use of energy. According to the production plan, we can predict future energy consumption and design a strategy and production management to prevent the payment of penalties for exceeding the contracted limits.

Predictive energy monitoring

Ecosystem of energy control and prediction

Information about consumption

Detailed and real-time information about energy consumption in your factory.

Consumption prediction

Exact prediction of energy consumption for the next period according to manufacturing plan.

Achievement of savings

Change of manaufacturing plan or management to achieve a balanced energy consumption.

Solution versions

The solution comes in three different versions according to specific customer requirements. In all three cases, the solution is available either as a cloud service or on-premise with customer installation.


  • Three-phase meter for direct or indirect measurement
  • IoT sensors for measuring water, gas consumption or enviromental sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, ...)
  • Gossamer NODE IoT unit for reading data from an electricity meter
  • IoT unit Gossamer HUB for wireless data capture
  • IoT platform for collecting, storing and exporting data
  • Web and mobile user interface

IIoT devices and mobile application

The advanced version includes all the basic version components, plus the following items:

  • Web application with interactive reports
  • Basic data analysis for estimating short-term energy consumption
  • Simulation of savings while optimizing 15-minute maximum
  • Data visualization in the form of enhanced reality

Management application for control and prediction of energy consumption

The premium version includes all the components of the extended version, plus the following items:

  • Connecting to an MES / ERP system for distributing energy to individual products
  • Predictive data analysis to estimate energy consumption
  • Marking critical 15-minute intervals
  • Optimization of production plan and control of appliances to achieve a balanced curve
  • Possibility of using data for the design of predictive machine maintenance system
  • Opportunity to optimize the energy tariff

Advanced data analysis of energy measurement information


Selected features and customer benefits

  • An overview of the use of energy, costs and potential savings in industrial plants and commercial buildings

  • Managing consumption so that you do not incur penalties for exceeding the contracted quarter-hour maximum

  • Optimizing energy consumption using predictive data analysis

  • Limiting the waste of energy resources helps to reduce the carbon footprint in production

  • Monitoring of real-time electricity, water and gas consumption at factory, line, machine and product / building, floor, room

  • Optimizing the contract with an energy supplier, reducing unnecessary costs for unused reserves

What makes our solution different

Compared to competing energy-monitoring products available on the market, we offer a complete and affordable solution that besides standard data monitoring and visualization offers the following advanced features:

  •      Integrated predictive data analysis in real time
  •      XaaS in a cloud environment
  •      Link to production and other MES / ERP type information systems
  •      Utilization of the universal Foxconn 4Tech IIoT platform
  •      Versions differentiated by level of data analysis and integration with enterprise-wide systems

Try it directly in your factory

We will offer you a test-set of three electricity meters, three communication units (Gossamer Node), and a IoT Gossamer HUB. We will install the measuring device on the selected machine in your factory. We will configure the local wireless LoRaWAN and ensure connectivity to our cloud. During two months of testing, we will collect and analyze data and show you what savings you could achieve if the solution is permanently installed in your factory. Meanwhile, you can also monitor data from actual operations including basic analyses and forecasts.

The Reference

The solution for measuring and optimizing energy consumption was deployed at Foxconn CZ in Pardubice. At the manufacturing plant specializing in the production of metal and plastic parts, 60 different machines are connected, such as presses, laser cutters or bending machines. Since September 2017, when the solution was implemented, more than 1.5 billion measurements have been collected, and advanced predictive data analysis has resulted in 12% savings in power consumption.

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