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Service overview

Innovative technologies in Advanced Automation, Industrial Internet of Things, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence change all internal and external processes in every business and industry. Together with you, we will take a look at technology and services if bring what they have. We will help you choose from a wide range of services and solutions thanks to our long-term experience in industry and ICT. We will not forget the related security and legislation rules, so that new technologies do not cause problems, but they have brought the required flexibility, savings and agility to the current dynamic market.

What will customer requirements be like in the future? They will request a broader assortment of varied products that will, moreover, be more adaptable to their needs to a larger  degree.  Future production will have to be able to adapt quickly to changing market requirements. The answer to this challenge is Industry 4.0.

Consulting Services - Industry 4.0 transition

We do not sell universal methods and procedures, instead, we help our partners improve processes through automation and digitization using the right transformation strategy based on Industry 4.0 principles.

Consulting Services - Industrial IoT implementation

Connect your business to the Industrial Internet of Things and start using clever services to support the development of your production while helping to optimize costs. Foxconn 4Tech provides consulting services and implementation of its own solutions based on an  open IIoT platform that brings competitive advantage through easy integration with existing technology environments in production, logistics and other industries.

Intelligent Industrial Process Optimization

Do you believe that you know the weak spots in your processes; ones that cause inefficiency and are the cause of financial losses? What can you do to improve the current situation?

When seeking the right path for improving your business, you have the option of spending many days with a pen and paper and your great ideas, but there is another way. We can provide you access to the right data that is gathered via the internet of things (IoT). We will enable you to gather data directly from machines and process points using IoT data collection systems and RTLS technologies for monitoring movements of materials and devices. You will able to analyze processes using advanced Business Intelligence tools and to create proposals for optimization based on process simulations.

Manufacturing process design and optimization

I. Intelligent IoT devices and RTLS systems

are used to mine autonomous process data from your processes with an aim to achieving full transparency and coordination of all operations at your production site (factory).

Customer resources

included in projects are minimal thanks to the IoT system for gathering anonymous data.

II. Advanced analytical tools and methods for businesses

are used to analyze process data for subsequent transformation of this data into information that will help you find the path to perfecting  your business.

III. Comprehensive solutions

are created based on usage of expert knowledge and skills from many disciplines, ranging from machine-building and electronics, including design of electric circuits, on to software engineering, robotics and machine vision, data science and industrial engineering.

IV. Dynamic simulations

are used to verify proposed solutions and to create an investment plan.

V. Implementation period

required for the optimization of processes, the latter which is shorter as a result of faster process mapping and creation of agile transformational strategies.

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Transforming production to the new Industry 4.0 era

  • Use of advanced tools and methods for identifying waste in processes

  • Collection of autonomous data from information in actual processes for production or logistics needs

  • Implementation of solutions for digitalization and production or logistics automation

Selected industrial case studies



Integration of production (manufacturing) systems

Project description

  • Production information system
  • Performance monitoring system
  • Intelligent connecting of logistics module

Project results achieved

  • Fully monitorable production
  • Boosting productivity
  • Augmented reality – visualization of production data

Integration of warehouse and search system

Project description

  • Assessment of return on investment (ROI) using dynamic simulation
  • Integration of automated warehouse system with top technologies
  • Proposal for M2M communications with interconnecting modules for MES & ERP
  • Project management and integration

Project results achieved

  • Production when lights are off
  • Autonomous movement of materials between machines
  • Fully monitorable production and stock inventory systems working in real-time
  • Boosting productivity and reducing demand for space

Intelligent logistics

Project description

  • Foxconn 4Tech WMS - advanced system for warehouse management
  • Foxconn 4Tech Smart Routing
  • application for presentation of work flows that monitor
  • planning alogrithms
  • materials availability
  • location of forklift machines (RTLS) and state of machines
  • Foxconn 4Tech Track & Trace system
  • autonomous verification of movement of materials (RFID)

Project results achieved

  • Reduction of number of forklifts and drivers
  • Reduction of time till use of materials by 82%
  • Boosting productivity
  • Reducing demands for space

Automated installation modules, DIMM

Project description

  • Movement of robots run using the vision system
  • Print process on demand
  • Connection to automated warehouse and search system
  • Connecting module for Foxconn 4Tech WMS
  • Process installation for DIMM modules run by haptic scanners

Project results achieved

  • Autonomous loading of material
  • Reduction of time till use of materials
  • Boosting productivity
  • Reducing demands for space

What makes our services different

We create a bridge between the worlds of industry and analyses. By joining technical experts with many years' experience from many different sectors along with our analysts for Business Intelligence and specialists in processing data, we can create analytical applications that are custom-built for individual businesses and combine a deep knowledge from relevant sectors with top-level analytical tools. We can help you prepare a new industrial revolution for your business. A revolution that boosts your productivity will enable you to gather and analyze data from machines, production and logistics process and will provide you faster, more flexible and more efficient production processes for better quality products at lower costs.

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