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Solution overview

Industry 4.0 is not just about gradual expedition (of processes), making things cheaper and making improvements. It also consists of new, connected, adaptable and automated solutions that create opportunities for new sales models. Individual solution for automation of production that helps you better react to the dynamic changes of current markets. New technologies and advanced robotic systems will flexibly react to your needs.  Simple and intuitive, it supports greater production quality.

If your are seriously considering mass production with options for accommodating customer requirements, you understand the challenge posed by finding the right solution for the right price. We will help you with automation that will provide you exactly the type of benefits that you are looking for; and also very sensible ROI.

Our approach starts at the very beginning of the project in the form of pre-automation consulting whose aim is to assess needs and define requirements and continue on to ROI analysis and detailed technological simulations for integration of automation complying with Industry 4.0 principles which also include qualified trainings, removal (fixing) of eventual problems and configuration. Last but not least, we offer support for implementing automation so that we can ensure that your devices will always be launched for operation in the shortest time possible.

Advanced robotics for Industry 4.0

Industrial robots provide exactness, repeatability, versatility and quick changes to purpose of use for the world of automation. The idea of a world that offers various types of industrial robots and technical equipment that is not yet real. 

Foxconn 4Tech uses advanced systems for simulation and development of robotic applications as a highly productive development environment and tool for data processing for adapting solutions precisely according to customer needs: from simple, single-purpose machines to complex, adaptive applications with feedback.

  • Guiding robots and avoiding obstacles removes the need for strictly-defined inputs for selection and placement, assembly, testing devices, packaging, building, bolting or stabilization.
  • Haptic feedback from robots makes use of signal processing for exact assessment and application management.
  • Processing images provides appropriate tools for measurement, geometric values, selecting color, recognizing presence or optical recognition of symbols for data extraction and verification.

Advanced automation using haptic end arm tool

Operating system – PLC, SCADA and movement

The brain of almost every automation solution is its operating system. Foxconn 4Tech has extensive knowledge and experience in this area, so we can provide you the best architecture design for operating systems: from traditional PLC, HMI and SCADA systems to comprehensive, but intuitive, operating systems using LabVIEW™ software with connected Business Intelligence tools that enable the creation of systems with predictive maintenance. We offer a number of integrated solutions for ensuring system openness such as integration of M2M interfaces, MES/ERP systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) so that your applications support Industry 4.0.

  • Traditional PLC, SCADA programming; HMI programming and movement management while using experience gained from cooperation with a number of suppliers
  • Comprehensive system for managing technologies based on computer applications and applications for programmable xx fields/arrays, working in real-time and fit with an intuitive graphics interface
  • Option to adapt our application for possible future modifications

Selected features and customer benefits

  • Flexible and easily adaptable automation for work in changing environments

  • Machines that adapt to ever-changing inputs and communicate with processes and products

  • Open system architecture for MES, industrial IoT, Scada software or maintenance monitoring in real-time

  • Automation with easy removal of problems and simple configuration using an intuitive environment

  • Transformation and digitalization of processes and applications like Business Intelligence enabling businesses to achieve bigger goals

  • Advanced automation pushes your resources into roles with greater added value

What makes our solution different

The interconnection of several technical disciplines allows us to create adaptable and autonomous automated solutions that make use of machine vision, adaptive tool equipment and haptic scanners for robots and applications. Thanks to our unique abilities, we can provide a  comprehensive solution: from simple test devices to advanced systems meant to assess complex signals and images for custom-built automation of assembly, configuration, packaging and pallet stocking, quality management and automation of testing.

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