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About Foxconn 4Tech

Foxconn 4Tech company is an initiative led by Foxconn CZ. It focuses on developing its own innovative products and solutions in the areas of Industrial Internet of Things and Digital Factories according to Industry 4.0 principles. The vision is to become a premier, worldwide provider of advanced products and integrated solutions for industrial automation based on cutting edge technologies.

The portfolio of competencies includes Industrial IoT, predictive data analytics, BI, industrial automation, process engineering, robotics and mechatronics, machine vision, augmented reality, MES and WMS systems, system integration and many others.

The core component is its own Industrial IoT platform providing a unified communication interface for connecting various sensors, devices and machines with enterprise software applications. Via the IoT gateways, any legacy technologies can be connected as well and upgraded to the "Industry 4.0" level. On top is the advanced data analytics done on both edge and in Cloud that processes real-time as well as historical data to discover behavior patterns and make predictions about the future state.

The ultimate goal is to deliver entirely new opportunities for customers by helping them to achieve increased efficiency in a rapidly changing data-driven environment. We specifically take care of small and medium businesses that are aware they might go for Industry 4.0 but need help to start.

Why Foxconn 4Tech

  • Open solutions that grow with you

  • Technological independence

  • Industrial and ICT know-how

  • Use of the most advanced technologies

  • Experience with proven solutions